Near TB Hospital, Badi ,Beside Animal Aid Center,Badi, Rajasthan 313011

About Us

The Rustic Pines

The most exclusive & romantic of all Udaipur cottage resorts.

The  day sparkles at the most exclusive of Udaipur Resorts in the late-afternoon sun and the only decision of the day is whether to wake up for an early morning walk on the foothills of the mountains, or a serene ride by the lake, or lounge lazily enjoying a leisurely frolic. We make this either your romantic retreat where you never have to admit to anything, or that tranquil yet fun moments with friends and family for a memorabilia lifelong.

The Rustic Pines is a piece of paradise discreetly located off the fabled Fateh Sagar and Badi lake by the foot of the Aravali mountains, so accessible yet undisturbed, quite and poised, that it drives you to a state of heavenly trance in the arms of nature and its unruffled natural beauty. Be it the calm and cozy pine wood cottages, a drink by the pool in our rustic looking natural lounge, or a lay on the roof top gazing the twinkling stars and the lush green mountains, your escape is simply waiting to subsume you in. No issues, no branches, no helicopters, and no shortage of fun, music and romance. Come visit and find out!


Romance abounds in air-conditioned pine walled wooden cottages, with custom-made beds draped under warm white lights, and private patios with grass bed for a sun tan or a left out conversation.

A 24000 square feet land of tropical flowers, palm trees, fruit orchard and seasonal vegetation will be your abode to experience paradise and learn the benefits of planting trees and preserving nature. Enjoy the isolation of an infinity pool, a pick on your favorite vegetable for your savor,  and a go at planting and naming your own tree, and most of the requisite luxuries.

We put a smile back on your face.

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Our Resort

Eco Wooden Cottages–Our rustic homes, nestled in wooden cottages in the beautiful city of lakes (Udaipur – worldly famous for its rich heritage, culture and exquisite beauty), are a peaceful yet vibrant abode with the perfect blend of tranquility, luxury, and exclusiveness, rightly placed in the lap of our own heavenly nature.

Set on a private 24000 square feet of land, delicately placed at the foothills of Aravali ranges (world’s oldest mountain range) and surrounded by vivid green trees, shrubs and lakes, our rustic cottages and rooms intelligently integrates eye-popping ecology with stylish rooms, inventive cuisine and a priceless shield of privacy facing an infinity pool.

The cottages are housed in pinewood walled bungalows, with custom-made Queen-sized beds, glass separated king-sized bathrooms and a romantic ambience, and decently plush that some guests will never want to leave.

The Rustic Cottages

  • Interiors feature conventional pine look with crystal lamps
  • 216 square feet
  • 48 square feet bathroom
  • Infinity Pool front
  • Private patio on natural grass bed pool front
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • TV and room service bell
  • All features eco-friendly
  • 24 hour room service

The Rustic Rooms

  • Interiors feature conventional pine look with hanging lamps
  • 225 square feet
  • Infinity pool front
  • Aravali mountain range rear balcony view
  • Private rear balcony with front balcony neighbor-shared
  • Lush green view
  • TV and room service bell
  • 24 hour room service